Inheritance Planning


Whether you are considering transferring assets through succession planning or securing the process related to your estate, your family business asset team is available to assist you.

A Good Strategy For Your Financial Plan

Estate And Inheritance Planning

Estate and inheritance planning and donation to family members are essential parts of your economic policy. The TMF Group solutions in the field of financial planning allow you to protect your assets and assets for future generations.

Services In The Markets

Our extensive global network allows us to offer a full range of services in the markets of your choice while keeping you informed of opportunities and changes in legislation, taxes and compliance regimes that may affect and benefit you.

Estate Planning

When you are establishing the strategy of how to distribute the goods to your family, estate planning is one of the leading factors to consider. This is an essential element of the financial plan that offers you greater control, ensuring your privacy and preserving your capital for future generations. A fiduciary structure or foundation can also be an excellent way to protect private information, preventing your business activities and income from becoming public information.

Hereditary Planning

We offer services to help with succession and will plans, including providing necessary guidelines to executors and trustees. This helps to eliminate uncertainties, ensuring that the legalization of testimonials develops without problems. From the generation, review, and collection of documents to the transfer of assets to the beneficiaries, our team is here to help.

Why Work With Us?

TMF Group's estate and estate planning solutions offer you several advantages, including:

  • Global access and substantial international support
  • We work with you and your advisors, devising practical solutions for your needs
  • Our dedicated staff provides a personalized and specialized service to both clients and their professional advisors
  • Innovative and continuous development of financial solutions and the availability of experienced team and resources to better serve the interests of customers